EROS in a Forest



This series intends to visualize ‘Ki’ that dwells in forest trees.
What is Ki in the first place?
In Japan, people have believed that certain dynamics is working between spaces/places and human/all living things, and that God exists in that state. Ki signifies that very mood.
I often wander in forests and click the shutter button when fascinated by the physical appearance of ancient trees, that is exactly the moment when I sense the trees’ energetic vital force, which I call ‘Eros in a Forest’.
While capturing those tree portraits, I was made to feel that trees are literally living and I had to think about the meaning of life; passing one’s own life to future generations, accepting others’ individuality and living together in harmony, etc.
In the harshness of nature, trees of different characters are flexibly adapting themselves to the surrounding and seeking for the ways for survival. That fact silently throws a question concerning the ‘death of individuality’ faced by us. I wonder what trees would tell us if they are more human.
In this series, in order to surface the Ki that forest trees possess, I implemented a certain process in which the tree portraits are dissolved into three colors and afterwards the red color is added on the parts that I consider the Ki exists.