The Boundary for Prayers



One morning, I walked in a village where is known as an ancient place for prayers.

I was confused because the core values of our society have been changed dramatically. Then I tried to find any answer of these questions” What is most important issue for our life?” and “How do we cope with absurdity?” by diving deeply into my mind.

I realized that this is the boundary for prayers to see the strong eyes of “KOMAINU.”

During I was in the sites, I imagined very warm and especially strong vital energy from the forest. It is made up of very complicate and delicate balances between male and female as a gender, spirituality and vital energy, real temperature and sensory temperature, real image and virtual image, etc.

During going up stairs step by step, I have closed to holy ground.

Finally I reached to the top of hill where is especially calm. It looks eternal time is going slowly just like a large river. I marveled at sublime scene in the place for pray.
I have seen the solitary entity at the end of our life.

I aim to express a spiritual atmosphere for this place where I will arrive at the end with beautiful sight by transient snow.